Thursday, February 4, 2016

MW30 Journey: Days 13: All Alone

I'm gonna start off with a little insight into these two days.

My husband is away this weekend for his alternating weekend, full-time MBA final semester. So I'll be alone with the kids--alone with the food in my house and no one but YOU to keep me accountable. Thankfully, I haven't stocked up on my old weekend treats like Ben and Jerry's ice cream (Salted Caramel Core and Half Baked), though it will be difficult to watch my kids enjoy their pizza and cinnamon sticks.

Day 13:
Out of eggs, almond butter, and apples. So sad. :(
Breakfast: Bacon and oranges
Snack: Banana and almonds
I really need to branch out on my snacks.
Lunch: heated up leftover filling to the stuffed peppers (ground beef, yellow squash, greens, mushrooms) and served it on top of a big pile of Spring Mix greens.
Went grocery shopping--yay--but couldn't find almond butter. :( 
My bestie is coming to the rescue.
Super hungry now.
Dinner: Walnut-Crusted Pork Chops

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