Thursday, February 4, 2016

MW30 Experience: Yes, I'm still here: D24

Yes, I'm on Day 24.
No, I haven't quit or slipped.
I just am sick of dieting.

I'm pathetic, I know. It's my first time doing a diet at all. I've always had a high metabolism and active lifestyle, so the only time I've gained a whole lot of weight was when I was pregnant (second time with twins, mind you). And now you probably hate me. Sorry.

I'm really enjoying the detox (the results of, not the experience) and eating healthier. I do enjoy cooking, and I've learned lots of new foods I like and how to cut vegetables.'s not realistic that I'll be able to cook every meal. And when I do--or my husband does--there's so many dirty pots and pans to clean. It's exhausting, especially when you're not getting much help from the others in your home.

I've learned a lot about myself in the process. First of which is if I don't like my options at home or don't feel up to cooking, I will just skip that meal entirely. Most days, I'm averaging only one (maybe two) large meals a day with a couple snacks throughout the day (mainly clementines, apples, almonds, bananas with almond butter, and baby carrots). But I find when I'm hungry, I need to drink more water, and that really helps.

So today's stats:
Breakfast: a banana and turkey sausage patty
Lunch: (tried Wendy's, and the cashier did not know how to ring up just a meat patty--grrr)
1/4 lb patty, garden salad (no tomatoes or cucumbers), apple slices (I cut up and mixed in salad).
Still hungry, so I drank some water and some coffee.
Dinner: we're taking kids out, so it'll be interesting.

Going out to eat on the diet is the most frustrating part. And having no energy to cook lunch or dinner after watching children. And being alone, which I will be for the weekend again.

A week from today, I will celebrate the end of my diet. I can not wait!

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