Tuesday, January 19, 2016

MW30 Journey: Day 8-9

I'm getting a little behind on these.

Day 8:
Headache--this weather isn't helping me either.
Breakfast: banana and orange
Lunch: fish cooked in ghee, apples and almond butter
Snack: almonds and oranges
More energy--cleaned entire kitchen and prepared chili (which involved lots of chopping/dicing vegetables)
Dinner: THE AMAZING WHOLE 30 CHILI--YUM! 2 bowls.
Snack: apples and almond butter
More energy

Day 9:
Breakfast: orange, scrambled eggs and bacon
2 hour delay, so took son to school at 9 and went to the Gym for 45 minutes
Lunch: McDonalds--quarter pound patty, side salad (no dressing or tomato), apple slices
Writing Day (yay!)--black coffee
Still not getting use to the black coffee or other types of eggs (still like scrambled)
A little energy, so I cleaned the kitchen again.
Dinner: (from Nom Nom Paleo) "Uova in Purgatorio" or "Eggs in purgatory"
This is Italian pork sausage, (whole 30 approved) marinara, and sliced mushrooms dished into miniature baking pots. Then you crack an egg on top and let it cook in the oven for about 15 minutes.
Not a fan of the egg (we overcooked it a little), but the rest was delicious.
Dessert: banana with a small spoonful of almond butter
Ready for bed by 10:30 p.m. which is a little early for me, but I felt full and satisfied.

Rumor has it (today) Day 10 and 11 are the worst.
Great. :(

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