Tuesday, September 3, 2013

FREEZE: The Football Game

I hope all of you enjoyed your Labor Day Weekend!  I usually do, because my birthday comes riding behind it.  Of course, this Saturday, I will turn 30.  YIKES!

So a lot of my weekend was focused on enjoying every moment with my husband and kids.  As I went about my day, I was looking for moments that I just wanted to capture and hold onto.  I tried to take pictures when I could.  But some moments are too long for a picture and too short for a video.  They come and go like seasons.  As soon as you settle in and hold them in your hands, they're gone.

We started our weekend with a local high school football game.  My husband and I met, fought, and fell in love at Homestead High School in Fort Wayne, so we like to visit their home games when we get a chance.  You all know what these games are like:  loud, crowded, not the best place for toddlers.  My son, age three, dove right in, cheering and chatting with friends in the stands.  Addy, the younger and larger of my twin girls, was ready for the adventure.  Intimidated but captivated by all around her, she was smiling and pointing within minutes.  Even our friends' little boy, a couple months older than our twins, was clapping his hands and cheering.  So precious!

Now, I bet you know who I am about to mention and what exactly HER response was:  my little Ella Bella.  She screamed, rolling in my arms, trying to curl in a ball on the cold, cement aisle.  I sang to her, soothed her, rocked her, gave her a drink and a snack, stood with her, bounced her, checked to see if she needed changed.  NOTHING WORKED.  So, like the AWESOME husband he is, Rudy traded twins with me.  I got a few minutes of rest and enjoyment, while Addy smiled and giggled like an angel.  Every minute or so, I'd look over at Ella.  I could not hear a single sound coming from her, the crowd and announcer were so loud.  But her face was red like a painful sunburn, and her mouth cracked open with that adorable bottom lip sticking out.

Like the wonderful mother I am, I took her back from my husband, but only after he removed her shoes.  When I took her in my arms, I was astonished to see she had stopped screaming, but was whimpering, "Mom, mom."  I gave her a drink again, which she drained in a few seconds.  Then we went on a special walk, away from the people.  It was a magical moment, watching her smile, eyes lighting up as the colors of players moved to our end of the field. 

I wanted to freeze that moment.  My daughter, no longer screaming, smiling and happy.  Life is hard and mean.  Things happen, and we rarely know why.  I don't know how long I'll have with my loved ones, whether it be one day or one century (hope not).  But I freeze these moments in my mind and cherish them, just like Mary, mother of Jesus, did.

What happened next?  We returned to the stands and had a glorious time.  At one point, both of the twins were walking in the aisle behind our seats until they met in the middle and grabbed hands.  Another moment to cherish.  There will be countless other moments to freeze.  Here is one.

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