Thursday, August 29, 2013

So Why Write?

Sometimes people ask the question, "So Why Write?  You sure have your hands full.  How do you even find time to write?"  My response to them is this:  "How can I NOT?"

My days...and nights...are filled with children and house work.  As I go about my day, my brain is filled with chaos:  Did I get the bills sent out in time?  Do we have all the ingredients I need to make that for dinner?  Oh, doesn't Adelyn look like a fairy princess?  How long has lil' Rudy been playing on my phone?  I need a break.  Sometimes I delve into books or a television show.  Usually, it has to be something short or something I can pause and finish later.  That's why I love writing.

Instead of trying to make sense of the Mom chaos, I get to sort through the strands of stories in my mind.  Cinderfella has dominated a lot of my mind lately.  But now, I am so excited to write the prequel to Cinderfella and tell the stories in full that I mention in my novel.  I also have a couple picture book ideas in my head I would like to work on as well.  These many ideas swirl around in my head, and writing lets me focus on one and carry it out until completion.  I get to soothe the creativity building up inside me and find satisfaction, watching my characters come to life on the page.

So am I too busy to write?  NEVER.  Writing brings sanity to the chaos that is the "Writing" Mom.

Why write?  How can I NOT?

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  1. SO agree with this post. All of it. And I dabble in picture books too! I have one that I've submitted to publishers (with no bites so far) and one that I worked up for Cheerios Spoonfuls of Stories contest. If I don't make it to the next round in that contest then I'll start sending that story out as well.