Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Happy October!

I'm going to have to break up these posts, because there's too much to share, and I value your time.

Happy October, my lovely readers! I'm sitting in front of my fake fireplace, while my hot apple cider finishes brewing. It's beautiful here in Indiana. The weather has been mild--the trees bright yellows and rusty orange--and the nights cold enough to fire up the furnace.

I've been bracing for October. Now that it's almost over, I can tell you why. My husband was gone the first three weekends of October. You moms out there know exactly what this means--no breaks, little rest, and prayers for healthy kids/sound sleepers. What I didn't expect was the work load my husband would undertake with his MBA. Not only was he gone on the weekends but combine that with our prior commitments and his study nights, there wasn't a weeknight he was home.

I'm not telling you all this to complain--believe me, I'm not. I blessed his time away and enjoyed myself. I stayed up late, watching my choice of movies, cleaning the house, and catching us up on neglected chores. But that left no time for blogging--or much writing at all.

I was thrilled when October did come, however, because I arranged with my husband to drop off my kids at my church's drop-in daycare (Kids Krossing Drop-In Daycare) for three hours every week (which is 6 kid hours mind you, because lil Rudy is in preschool and I have twins). Every Thursday I now have three blessed, sacred kid-free hours to write. Yes, I've been tempted to do the millions of other errands moms need to do, but NO! This is writing time. My muse has been thrilled, and I found myself using my time much more wisely.

I'm 11 chapters in on my CP's manuscript. I've done countless hours of research for my beloved Savannah story. I even entered two contests (more on that later--I didn't make either). I'm so grateful to my husband for paying for this slice of Heaven every week. What a blessing!

As for my kids, lil Rudy is in preschool two full days a week. He's still so adorable and sweet. Always cuddly and filling my love cup with hugs and kisses. We had Mom's Day on Tuesday, and it was a blast.

I can't believe we're less than two months away from him turning 5 and less than a year from him starting Kindergarten.

The twins...are truly beautiful, inside and out. The further we get from 2, the better Mommy feels. They are currently...32 months. 
(Alaina--their cousin, Ella, Adelyn--or Addy)

Ella--aka the Dragon--hasn't lost her menacing cry of death, but when you ask her what she wants, she stops and tells you. She's the vocal one. It's common to hear her repeating everything spoken around her. She loves reading books. We're going through different Disney movies, and she's infatuated with Ariel and Eric, though she still loves Anna and Elsa. She's always singing--"Part of Your World," "Ah, Ah, Ah" (Ariel losing her voice), "Finally See the Light" (Tangled), and of course, "Let it Go." Still the boundary checker, she at least returns when I call her name or count to 3.

Adelyn--aka Addy--is the quiet, mischievous one. I was concerned for a while about her lack of speech. She rattled off frequently in her twin language but rarely said words. But if you made her mad, she would bark a whole sentence at you: "Hey, give me that! No, put me down! Stop it!" Nervous, I started spending more one-on-one time, giving her more opportunities to repeat words from books, etc. And I can report to you today, she said, "Zah!" (pizza) when I brought in the box. The one-on-one time is also helping with the trouble. [I just feel bad for Grandma (my mom--aka Most Amazing Person In The World). She's been watching all five of her grandchildren (4, 2, 2, 2, 6 months), and now my sister and her 3-month-old are visiting]. Needless to say, Addy takes advantage of her freedom by picking grandma's flowers, drawing on the wall, eating crayons...kid stuff. If you're looking for a monkey, Godzilla, or an adorable and giggly girl who likes to rough house with her daddy and brother, that's Addy. :)

My husband just walked in the door after his study night and brought me Starbucks. *sighs* He loves me. Today has been the lowest mother day I've had in a while, but after reading this, now you'll understand why. I know you can enjoy Starbucks anytime, but there's something special about sipping a hot cup of Salted Caramel Mocha in October. 

Stay tuned tomorrow for the Writing Mom's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day--aka today (but it's been building throughout this month). Happy October!

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