Friday, August 22, 2014

Exhaustion vs. Intentionality

I was writing this on my Facebook Author Page and decided to put this on my blog as well, because I know how much you all can relate to this, no matter your profession.

I can't believe it's Friday already! Exhaustion has taken me. This week started with work from 6-4 (I worked at Kids Krossing from 6-8:30 a.m. and then subbed a 1st grade class) on Monday and hasn't slowed since, thanks in large part to parenting a 4.5yo boy and twin 2.5yo girls. I have squeezed in some research (Savannah's Mighty 8th Air Force and Georgia from 1929-1941) and emailed my brother some history questions (he's always been my go-to person to teach me history; we once spent a family car trip discussing WWI & II), but I haven't had time and energy (one or the other--never both) to work on my new manuscript, currently titled HOARDS OF MEMORIES.

So today, I decided to be intentional. We relaxed this morning, them playing on our Wii (Wipeout) and me watching some Alias on my laptop. Then I took the kiddos to the park/splash pad and McDonalds. They are currently finishing their ice cream cones, and then I'm putting them to bed. The plan is to then work for at least an hour on my new WIP (Work In Progress). I also plan to watch some of Captain America (for research and pleasure) while I fold laundry. ;)

The life of a Writing Mom isn't easy, and this week has been a major struggle of balance, not putting in enough time for me. But I'm grateful to be here with my kids and inspired by these characters.

To be brutally honest, part of me can't wait for the ok to start the sequel to SWORDS & CINDER. It's starting to take shape in my mind, preparing me for the wild ride it will be.  :)

If you had three hours free--no work, no kids, no cleaning--what would you want to do?

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