Monday, August 24, 2015

Four Hour Road Trip

So I'm completely procrastinating cleaning my house, especially since I just picked it up two hours ago and then again right before we left for vacation.

I want to share with all of you--and prove to my sister why it's important to document these events--my trip to see the Quigleys in Zion, Illinois. Located right at the border of Illinois and Wisconsin, Zion has gorgeous sights, including a rocky beach with the Chicago skyline across Lake Michigan. It was exquisite.

We left at dinnertime on Friday night and traveled I-294 most of the way. Our son, 5yo Rudy D., did not sleep a wink, even though we didn't reach our destination until at least 10:30 our time. He was so excited to see Kati and Brian's new house and his cousin, Tom (not Xander, though he called Tom "Xander" or "Tommy" every time he opened his mouth). But his favorite part of the trip was this sunset.

My husband was on Day 19 of the Whole 30 diet, and luck would have it that my brother-in-law was also trying the diet out. When we put the kids to bed, Rudy whips out a jar and fills it with the necessary ingredients to make Whole 30 mayo. Kati and Brian furrow their brows. Yeah, right. Rudy takes out his little wand, a hand blender, and less than a minute later, hands Brian a jar of mayo. Bam! It was like magic, and I tell you Rudy had won their admiration with that little trick. Rudy also made Brian Whole 30 ketchup as well. 

One of the most irritating things when you travel to a different time zone is the kids' sleeping habits. So after finally getting to bed at midnightish (can't remember if that was Chicago time or Eastern time), I then woke up at 8 a.m. Which was AWESOME! Until I realized that was our time. :(

After Kati gave her son a bottle at 6:30 a.m., she came down to hang out with us until 8 a.m., while our husbands slept. (Yes, we really love you, Rudy and Brian). The best part was she had a tv with the Disney Channel, so my kids locked eyes with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse while Kati and I chatted, looking gloriously frumpy in our pjs, lack of makeup (well, I don't think we wore any all weekend. hehe), and purple bags under our eyes.

Then she pulled out the ancient traditional coffee machine, and I handed her the coffee grounds I'd bought. Fresh brewing coffee filled the house and even roused the boys from sleep (my hubby needed some extra nudging from bouncing children).

About 20 minutes from Zion is a quaint town with a beach, splash pad, sandy park, and a gorgeous view of Lake Michigan. Kenosha. A fence and short wall enclosed the sandy park with Lake Michigan beyond. The kids had a blast, and the parents could actually sit back and relax (except me; I had to take a bunch of pictures).

 Hubby did NOT want me to take this picture. Too bad. LOL ;)

The best parts of Kenosha--well, for the adults--were the farmer's market and bubbles.

After all the fun, we put the kids to bed and finally enjoyed some adult only time. First, we had a bonfire and lovely conversation with Kati's neighbors. So much laughing and amusing story time.

Even Rudy D. got to share in the fun for a little while.

But then it was time to send the neighbors home and play the ultimate board game, Ticket to Ride. Brian won, though I think I had the most number of completed routes. :)

The next morning was a rough one. Addy was up at 6 a.m. (5 a.m. our time) and would not go back to sleep--not in our bed, nor hers, nor the couch. I tried to get her to watch a movie or tv, while I slept on the couch. Needless to say, I was exhausted by the time we left (around 10 a.m.), and it rained. The. Entire. Drive. Home. A couple times, Rudy or I had to almost pull over, because we couldn't see.

My dad would be proud. We literally were "Riding the Storm Out" and brought it home with us. And boy, did it storm! 

I miss them already. My son already asks when he can go back. Ella runs around yelling, "Beach." 

But the good news is Kati and her son, Tom, are coming to visit! I can't wait. I believe we both have massage rooms with our names on them. ;)

Thanks for the memories, Kati and Brian!

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