Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Writing Mom on the Farm, Part II

Sometimes we experience frustrating and upsetting things (uh, duh, that's how life is here). But it's encouraging to look over some of my experiences and laugh at my misfortune. I'm definitely realizing how fast time passes by. My babies are growing up. My son is preparing for kindergarten next year. My life right now is organized chaos--much like my house--but it's full of love.

This experience on the "farm" has been less exciting, but I can actually tell you how grateful I am for a calm, typical day. The cow has been content--not trying to charge his electric fence, beat Daisy to her food, or mooing at me all day. Daisy Dog is actually the cow's faithful companion. She lies in the grass next to the cow and barks at anything that comes near them.

Our first afternoon at the farm, I had mixed feelings. It was a beautiful day, and I wanted to enjoy being outside on 12 acres of land with temperatures in the 60s. BUT...I desperately wanted time to write. The genius I am left my computer cord at my parents' house all weekend, so I had to live with a dead computer. Finally, I plugged in that computer and pulled out my handwritten notes to type up my new first few paragraphs. 

I put on the twins' favorite movie--The Little Mermaid--and hunkered down. It didn't last. Ella climbed up on a chair next to the kitchen counter and tried to play with Grandma's fragile chicken figurines. Adelyn--always into trouble--tried to pass the chair I used to block the stairs. Eventually, I finished, but doubts flooded me. First, guilt over my frustration with the twins. Second, wondering if I should've spent more time editing the first chapter. And then finally, I had the same thought I'm sure all writers have, "Is my writing really good enough?"

The best way to deal with these emotions is to round up all the kiddos and challenge them to tackle/tag football. It was brilliant fun. We shed our shoes and jackets. Together, we raced along the green grass, tackling/tagging each other, reaching for the bouncing football, and giggling. When the game wore us out, we walked to the back yard and played in the sandbox and on the swings.

Today, I decided to be bold and try the grocery store with all three kids and no stroller. Having listened to my sister--Kristi--and learned from my previous horrible experience, I searched for the blessed double shopping cart and found it.

They even look happy. Our only issue was the timing of our trip--lunch time. After halfway through our shopping trip, I ripped open a box of fruit snacks and fed the hungry dragon, sitting up in the cart. The other two enjoyed the ride. The only "excitement" we experienced was Ella screaming. I didn't even change my tone. "Screaming won't change my mind." :)

I'm looking forward to tonight--a fire in a real fireplace. It's a nice reminder: no matter how crazy my life gets, it's the little things that make me smile. An uneventful grocery trip and dog/cow sitting. My kids believing me when I say screaming won't change my mind. And running around barefoot on 12 acres of green grass in 50/60 degree weather in the middle of November. :)

Tell me--what are the little things that make you smile?

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